1. Create a class, and define variables in main():
    a) double variable “var_d” and initialize it to the value 1.0898
    b) float variable “var_f” and initialize it to the value -1.0862
    c) int variable “var_i” and initialize it to the value -10000
    d) short variable “var_l” and initialize it to the value 99990
  2. Write a program to define 2 int variables vx & vy. Initialize them with value 0; Use
    Scanner object to read from console and assign input values to them respectively.
    Display the values in the format: vx=some-value; vy=some-value. Then swap
    values in vx and vy, and display again.
  3. Write a program to “left rotate” and “right rotate” values in int variables x, y, z, w
    (Example: if x = 1, y = 2, z = 3, z = 4,
    after left rotation, x = 2, y = 3, z = 4, w = 1
    after right rotation, x = 4, y = 1, z = 2, w = 3)
  4. Write a program to calculate the area of a rectangle. You should use Scanner to get
    values of width and height; then calculate the area; and finally display the width,
    height and the area of this rectangle.
  5. Write a program to get from console a number which represents seconds. Convert
    this number of seconds to the format: ?? hours : ?? minutes : ?? seconds and display.
    For example, if you input 4000, you will display message on console:
    4000 seconds = 1 hours : 6 minutes : 40 seconds
  6. Write a program to reads a double number from console using Scanner object, save
    this number into variable celsiusDegree, which represents Celsius degree. Convert
    this number to Fahrenheit degree and display both numbers on console as below:
    Celsius degree: a-celsius-number
    Fahrenheit degree: a-fahrenheit-number
  7. Write a program to calculate the volume of cone (refer below graph and formula.)
    Read number of h from console. This number is measured in feet (1 feet = 0.305
    meters), convert it to meter, calculate and display the result: